How to repair your sofa

How to repair your sofa

If your sofa has been damaged recently, there is a simple way to repair your sofa.

Step One: Determine the cause

This is key. Are you looking to buy a new sofa because of any damage or fix your current one? If you want to attempt to repair your sofa then you need to complete an initial inspection and find out the cause of concern, and whether it’s worth the cost to repair. You should ask yourself where your sofa might naturally sag, or if the cushions or base of the sofa is sagged at all. You need to find if the damage is inside or out.

Step Two: Seat Cushions

Before you begin to try and repair the sofa, you should check whether the seat cushions themselves are not the issue. If they are too soft, then you may need to add extra filling into the cushions. You could also simply replace the cushions with a new one.

Step Two: Check the frame

You should turn the sofa over and give yourself a good view of the bottom of the sofa itself. Find out if it’s broken, rotten out or if the wood has warped. You should also check if the springs are broken. If you must remove some of the upholstery, you should consider instead throwing the sofa out entirely.

If you want to try and fix it, then you should consider purchasing the correct tools necessary for the repair and ensure that it would work for that specific sofa.

Step Four: Reupholstering

Once you have repaired the sofa itself, you will want to make sure that the general upholstery of the sofa can still be used as before, or whether it may need a repair or replacement. If you do decide to replace it, you need to consider which type of fabric to go with. Before you decide to reinvest into the new upholstery, find if the price matches the cost of a new one.