Reupholster your old sofa

Reupholster your old sofa

If your sofa has become tired looking and dirty, but it is as comfortable as ever, then the one thing that you may not want to do immediately is throw that sofa out and buy a new one. Despite what families and friends may think. In fact, a better option may be to have the thing reupholstered instead.

While you are weighing up whether or not you should reupholster your old sofa and then replace it with a new and better one, you should consider how cost effective it would be. It may not be the cheapest thing to replace your old sofa with a newer piece of furniture, even if the newer piece of furniture will most likely survive longer than your older one. The older one however, also could have sentimental value. Especially if it was handed through generations.


There are a few things you may need to consider first. Depending on the type of fabric that you are using, or the specialist work that is needed to reupholster your sofa, it may cost more to reupholster than it would to simply buy a new one. If your couch needs a full makeover, that would be including stuffing, repairs, reupholster and new fabrics to be fitted within the foundation, and the foundation itself may also need strengthening adding to the budget. The amount of materials and labour that it would cost to complete the reupholstering may make it the most expensive option.


If you have a sofa which you would consider sturdy and with a good quality frame, then it would be worth trying to restore the sofa to its former glory. Modern frames do not have the same quality and standards compared to predecessors, and recently woods that are not suitable for furniture have been used. This causes the increase you will see to the wear and tear and loosening to the foundation of the sofa itself.