Customise your sofa

Customising your sofa

Step One: Design

The first aspect you need to take into consideration is a design. Choosing a sofa design is simple, and you can make it as individual as you want it to be. You have a choice between classic or contemporary, and it will be entirely dependant on your lifestyle and purpose of purchase. If you have children or pets, you will know what type of sofas you need to avoid for example!

Step Two: Fabric

The next factor that you should think about before you purchase your new sofa is the fabric selection. You can choose from over 50 available fabrics, but truthfully you would be able to narrow it down within a selection of five and then base your decision upon the colour, feel and durability of the fabric you would like to see. As we said previously, if you have a family or you have pets, then avoiding softer fabrics with lighter colours would be key as they will be worn down first. This will also depend on whether the fabric that you purchase will be easy to clean.

Step Three: Configuration and Size

When you purchase your next sofa, you should be very specific on the size of sofa that you would like to see. If you are to purchase a big sofa, then you should make sure that your living room is able to accommodate it, or it would be a useless purchase.

Similarly, buying two separate sofas or two armchairs with the idea to convert it into a double sofa may be a good choice. There are alternatives such as a corner sofa, or a recliner which provide better solutions. There are so many varieties for sofas that you wouldn’t need to be stuck with one.

Step Four: Choose a Leg

Sofa legs are a surprisingly important aspect when it comes to the sofa itself. There are a furniture makers Sydney company that specialise in customised sofas that specifically outline which sofa leg would be suitable for your sofa.