Customise your sofa

Customising your sofa

Step One: Design

The first aspect you need to take into consideration is a design. Choosing a sofa design is simple, and you can make it as individual as you want it to be. You have a choice between classic or contemporary, and it will be entirely dependant on your lifestyle and purpose of purchase. If you have children or pets, you will know what type of sofas you need to avoid for example!

Step Two: Fabric

The next factor that you should think about before you purchase your new sofa is the fabric selection. You can choose from over 50 available fabrics, but truthfully you would be able to narrow it down within a selection of five and then base your decision upon the colour, feel and durability of the fabric you would like to see. As we said previously, if you have a family or you have pets, then avoiding softer fabrics with lighter colours would be key as they will be worn down first. This will also depend on whether the fabric that you purchase will be easy to clean.

Step Three: Configuration and Size

When you purchase your next sofa, you should be very specific on the size of sofa that you would like to see. If you are to purchase a big sofa, then you should make sure that your living room is able to accommodate it, or it would be a useless purchase.

Similarly, buying two separate sofas or two armchairs with the idea to convert it into a double sofa may be a good choice. There are alternatives such as a corner sofa, or a recliner which provide better solutions. There are so many varieties for sofas that you wouldn’t need to be stuck with one.

Step Four: Choose a Leg

Sofa legs are a surprisingly important aspect when it comes to the sofa itself. There are a furniture makers Sydney company that specialise in customised sofas that specifically outline which sofa leg would be suitable for your sofa.

Reupholster your old sofa

Reupholster your old sofa

If your sofa has become tired looking and dirty, but it is as comfortable as ever, then the one thing that you may not want to do immediately is throw that sofa out and buy a new one. Despite what families and friends may think. In fact, a better option may be to have the thing reupholstered instead.

While you are weighing up whether or not you should reupholster your old sofa and then replace it with a new and better one, you should consider how cost effective it would be. It may not be the cheapest thing to replace your old sofa with a newer piece of furniture, even if the newer piece of furniture will most likely survive longer than your older one. The older one however, also could have sentimental value. Especially if it was handed through generations.


There are a few things you may need to consider first. Depending on the type of fabric that you are using, or the specialist work that is needed to reupholster your sofa, it may cost more to reupholster than it would to simply buy a new one. If your couch needs a full makeover, that would be including stuffing, repairs, reupholster and new fabrics to be fitted within the foundation, and the foundation itself may also need strengthening adding to the budget. The amount of materials and labour that it would cost to complete the reupholstering may make it the most expensive option.


If you have a sofa which you would consider sturdy and with a good quality frame, then it would be worth trying to restore the sofa to its former glory. Modern frames do not have the same quality and standards compared to predecessors, and recently woods that are not suitable for furniture have been used. This causes the increase you will see to the wear and tear and loosening to the foundation of the sofa itself.

Two seater sofas

Two-seater sofas

If you have a small front or living room, a popular choice with many customers is to purchase a two-seater sofa, especially if you have many people in the home. You could also purchase the two-seater in addition of a three-piece sofa set. No matter what, the two-seater sofas have become a great way to provide the same level of luxury as a larger sofa, even if you miss the extra space.

These two seat sofas can be purchased as a single piece of furniture, or as a matching section of a three-piece matching furniture piece. This could also come with a recliner.

One thing that you could also do if you lack a larger room is to buy two two-seater sofas, and then purchase an additional two-seater sofa. This way, both two-seaters will complement each other and provide your home with sofas that will match the amount of people who may be living there, even if you struggle with space in your home as a general issue.

If your room may be too small to purchase and place two of these sofas, then you will be surprised. There is an incredible amount of choice with these two-seater sofas, and there are many options in the range of designs also. These include corner sofas or a two-seat L shaped sofa that comes with a recline. You could also buy a corner two-seat sofa and a regular sized one too.

You could also change the entire living space of your home by simply changing the fabric of your sofa. You should be surprised how much bold colours such as orange can help to brighten up the space within your home. All colours have different effects on the human mind, so you should experiment!

Always keep in mind pets and children before you begin to look at sofa colours however!

How to repair your sofa

How to repair your sofa

If your sofa has been damaged recently, there is a simple way to repair your sofa.

Step One: Determine the cause

This is key. Are you looking to buy a new sofa because of any damage or fix your current one? If you want to attempt to repair your sofa then you need to complete an initial inspection and find out the cause of concern, and whether it’s worth the cost to repair. You should ask yourself where your sofa might naturally sag, or if the cushions or base of the sofa is sagged at all. You need to find if the damage is inside or out.

Step Two: Seat Cushions

Before you begin to try and repair the sofa, you should check whether the seat cushions themselves are not the issue. If they are too soft, then you may need to add extra filling into the cushions. You could also simply replace the cushions with a new one.

Step Two: Check the frame

You should turn the sofa over and give yourself a good view of the bottom of the sofa itself. Find out if it’s broken, rotten out or if the wood has warped. You should also check if the springs are broken. If you must remove some of the upholstery, you should consider instead throwing the sofa out entirely.

If you want to try and fix it, then you should consider purchasing the correct tools necessary for the repair and ensure that it would work for that specific sofa.

Step Four: Reupholstering

Once you have repaired the sofa itself, you will want to make sure that the general upholstery of the sofa can still be used as before, or whether it may need a repair or replacement. If you do decide to replace it, you need to consider which type of fabric to go with. Before you decide to reinvest into the new upholstery, find if the price matches the cost of a new one.

Lucen Sofa

Creating storage in your sofa

When looking at modern day small apartments like a studio flat, or you have too large of a family within the home, you could be left with a limited amount of living and storage space. If you purchase a sofa that has storage space within it however, you are looking at a simple solution.

However, before you begin to look at the types of sofa storages that exist, you will need to know the amount of storage you will need for your home.

There are many different types of sofas that come with storage, and I have put together a simple guide that will help you to decide the right option for you.

Types of sofa bed storage

Sofa beds – These are modern sofa beds that are usually bought for someone to sleep on, or to sit. And they can also be used as a storage unit. This makes it very useful for several reasons if you are lacking space.

Multifunctional Sofa – Multifunctional sofas will most likely be the ones you will want to use for your home. They will come with built in storage units but can also be used like a sofa bed in that you will be able to sit and sleep on this sofa with relative ease on changing.

Daybed – Daybeds usually come with some helpful, personally customised mattresses that will ensure your sofa is not any less comfortable than an ordinary sofa just because it has storage within. To many this may seem defeatist, but the truth is it can be very helpful for a home owner.

Lounge sofa – Lounge sofas are the usual sofas you would see that are relatively long, and very wide. While you cannot use this as a bed, you can use this for laying and relaxing. You can also find some with storage units at the base of the sofa itself.